The NEW Highland Park Website!

Just as the first advertisement for Highland Park said nearly 100 years ago, it’s the dawn of a new day! Welcome to the new Highland Park neighborhood website! Now with it’s own domain name –

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The harddrive died a few months ago, and I found that I couldn’t find my recent back-up of the Highland Park website. I’d started the Highland Park website back in 2005. I couldn’t let it die. I decided to rebuild – and to spring for the new domain name. After all, Highland Park’s 100th Birthday is next year! What better place to celebrate than right here where sharing Highland Park history started?

Watch the HomeBeautiful calendar for updates for Centennial and other events, the Highland Park Yard sale is already listed. Those hooligans are planning a fund-raising Centennial Bake Sale, so prepare yourself for century-old baked goods. (Just kidding. They’ll be fresh.) Plus, there’s new Highland Park logo. New historic highlights have been added to the Historic Highlights section. A Centennial mission statement has been added to the front page. In fact, everything old at is new again, with more old Highland Park news and new hopes to come.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy A beautiful place to celebrate our beautiful home, Highland Park.