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825 Lawn Avenue, Highland Park
Springtime, 825 Lawn Avenue, Highland Park. (Photo by Dave Duricy)

HomeBeautiful.Org is a neighborly boast of Highland Park virtues, and an invitation to those nostalgic few who yearn for home. What is Highland Park? Highland Park is home for all seasons in Hamilton, Ohio.

Highland Park is the shimmer of fireflies on a summer night. It’s jack-o-lanterns flickering from porch steps and Trick-or-Treat. It’s the hush of December snow and the glow of warm homes. Highland Park is redbud, dogwood and daffodils blooming for attention.

Located on the West Side of Hamilton, Highland Park is nestled atop the gentle hills rolling between Eaton Avenue and Main Street. Tree-lined streets and sidewalks lead easily to schools, shops and medical care. Highlanders walk to Highland Elementary just as easily as they stroll to Flub’s for an ice cream.

For a century, families have called the Tudors, bungalows, and Colonials of Highland Park home. New generations return, buy the very homes they once bicycled past, and raise families of their own.

Highland Park is a way of life as vibrant today as when Hoover was in the White House. Welcome home.

–Dave Duricy, Your Host