Mr. Pierce’s Playboy

Cheap! Pierce’s Playboy for sale in The Hamilton Daily News, June 25, 1932.

In 1932, Robert P. Pierce, a traveling salesman living at 925 Virginia Avenue, advertised a used Jordan Playboy roadster for sale. Playboys, whatever their year, were racy machines made infamous by their poetic advertising.

Virgnia Avenue, Highland Park
In 1932, 925 Virginia Avenue was the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Pierce.
Photo by Dave Duricy.

Take, for instance, this line from Jordan’s 1923 Somewhere West of Laramie campaign: “Step into the Playboy when the hour grows dull with things gone dead and stale. Then start for the land of real living with the spirit of the lass who rides, lean and rangy, into the red horizon of a Wyoming twilight.” Scandalous stuff for Virginia Avenue.

The Jordan Motor Company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Hamilton had a Jordan dealership at 519 Main Street. The building may be the present day Paul’s Upholstery.

A factory photo of a 1928 Jordan Playboy New Series Air Line Eight give some idea of how Mr. Peirce’s Playboy roadster may have looked. Source:

So, the next time you walk by 925 Virginia, imagine a roadster driven by a salesman who looks like he’s somewhere west of Laramie.